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Dental Implant Experts in Vancouver

October 19th, 2020

Dental Implant Experts in Vancouver

If you’re missing one tooth or more Dental implant experts in Vancouver have options to replace them.

Dental bridges and dentures are not best alternatives for many patients. This is why you may be considering a dental implant. An implant is used to replace your missing root and support the replacement of an artificial tooth.

When you choose the right experts with lot of experience on top of extensive training and education, your tooth/teeth implants with look, function, and feel as natural as your own teeth.

Dental Implant Experts in Vancouver

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is Titanium in shape of root. A Dental implant expert inserts the implant into your bone to replace the root of the missing tooth. Then Dental implant expert will attach crown to the implant after the healing period.

Who Performs the Implant Procedure?

Dental Implant Experts in Vancouver, we do all the clinical steps and procedures in our clinic under one roof  so you won’t have to be between different offices and pay a lot of extra money for your implant from beginning too finish. Our team consists of prosthodontist, Periodontist and General dentist to make sure you get the entire treatment done in one location.

Who is a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Almost everyone is. When you are generally in good health and not heavy smoker with uncontrolled medical issues, you are a good candidate for dental implant. Gum health and healthy teeth with no active infection or disease are very important also. Consultation is very important.

Dental Implant Experts in Vancouver

Missing tooth should be replaced as soon as possible, By waiting too long (over 6-months), jaw bone resorb and collapse and you may require bone grafting to make sure bone is adequate for implants. Teeth on either side of the missing tooth will shift and eventually can be lost.

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