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Dentistry Is Safe

June 5th, 2020

Dentistry Is Safe

“Dentistry is Safe” Always has been and will now be safer than ever. Dental office is much safer than some grocery store for instance.

Dentistry Is safe
Dentistry Is safe

Dentistry as a profession was always one of the safest. You need to know that after EACH and EVERY patient entire room get disinfected and ALL the equipments and Instruments get sterilized. We as Vancouver Dentist strive to be the safest possible

Everything that touched by patient goes into high pressured heated chamber called Autoclave. Autoclave kills EVERYTHING, bacteria, fungi and of course Virus including Corona Virus. As Vancouver Dentist office located in Olympic Village we use the latest in technology to make the office safe for our team and our patients.

Dentistry is Safe 
Autoclave KILLS all Viruses, bacteria and Fungi.

After the Corona Virus global pandemic many Vancouver dentist offices and dental offices had to shut down. Some Vancouver Dentist clinics open slowly but will not have same number of patient again. Although “Dentistry is safe” Some Patients do not feel comfortable and do not have the confidence to return to Vancouver dentist offices.

Please ask your dentists about the safety measures that was already in place and even more now. You can visit the and learn more.

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