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Implant Dentistry

October 7th, 2020

Implant Dentistry

Implant Dentistry is a multi-specialty practice nestled in the heart of Great Vancouver. Having all the specialists under one roof offers our patients to receive the entire treatment from extracting the tooth to implant placement to restoring it in one place while working with the same group of dental professionals. All in one place.

Despite the significant improvements in oral hygiene and early dental interventions, there are still many patients with either missing teeth or teeth that need to be extracted and restored.

Dental implants are the BEST solution to replace missing teeth. 

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Best Implant Dentistry

What are the causes for teeth loss?

There are lots of reasons teeth may end up needing dental extractions:

  • Teeth damaged by extensive dental decay
  • Teeth badly broken down due to trauma
  • Loose teeth due to periodontal disease
  • Systemic problems may also result in the tooth loss

How to prevent tooth loss?

Though a dental extraction is usually a last resort, it is not as frightening of an option as it used to be.

Implant Dentistry

Implant Dentistry has afforded patients with a safe and predictable option to replace a missing tooth or even multiple teeth. With the incredible technical improvements of placing implants the cost of dental implants has come way down. What was once an option for the privileged is now available for all our patients.

Sometimes when a positive outcome of the root canal treatment is not guaranteed it is recommended to extract the tooth right away and replace it with a dental implant. Nowadays dental implants and implant supported restorations are a durable, easy to tolerate and effective treatment option.

Patients have many options available to them to restore missing teeth: dental bridges, removable dentures, implant supported crowns, bridges and implant dentures.

How to restore missing teeth?

In the service pages here we describe in detail all the options available to our patients to restore their missing tooth or teeth.

Best Implant Dentistry Vancouver

Our Service page about dental implants teaches you everything you need to from extraction to implant placement, pros, and cons, including traditional alternatives and payment options available to our patients.

Implant crowns and bridges describe the process of restoring dental implants with implant supported crowns and implant bridges. It also compares implant crowns and bridges to non-implant restorations.

In implant dentures and All on 4 page, you will find the best solution how to restore edentulous (all teeth missing) mouth.

If you were interested in the same day tooth restoration, please read immediate implant placement. Here you will find out under what circumstances it is appropriate to replace the tooth with an immediate implant and when it’s not.

If you need dental implants or require the restoration of dental implants, please schedule a consultation with our dental implant specialist or restorative dentists today! We offer Free Consultation with a restorative dentist.

Implant Dentistry is our strongest suite, call us BEFORE you get any Dental Implants.

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