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Mercury Free Fillings

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What are Mercury Free Fillings?

Mercury free fillings are Metal-Free fillings that do not contain any traces of mercury. Many types of amalgams that may be referred to as “silver amalgams” contain some amount of mercury. Amalgam was very popular for many years, but now most dentists prefer to rely on composite fillings with no mercury at all. At our offices “Parkview Dental Vancouver and Implant Centre” and “Dentist@Falsecreek” we do not recommend nor provide amalgam fillings to their patients at all. Cost of the Mercury Free filling is not much more than old silver amalgam fillings. We can provide estimate before any treatment.

Mercury free filling material is the better and newer way of restoring teeth. When you have a cavity in the tooth, there’s the need to remove the decayed portion and replace it with a filling. Also when you have a broken tooth or trauma to tooth need to be re-paired and restored. For many years, different types of Amalgam were used as tooth filling material. In some places, amalgam is still used. A great alternative is to go with Mercury free or dental composite filling material. 

How About Longevity of Mercury Free Fillings?

Now we know there will be now additional damage to tooth but how long will a mercury free filling normally last? Mercury free filling last as long as any of the other types of dental fillings. For children, there are some evidence that mercury free fillings will last longer than the older amalgam fillings.

Fillings and the Environment

Mercury free fillings has no health risks that we now know are associated with the use of Mercury in any form. In addition, the composite fillings are better for the environment.

Please contact and ask us about mercury free fillings and how they compare to other options. Call or email us. For more info you can also visit Canadian Dental association.

Common Questions

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